Why Tellia Is
Made for Freelancers

Watch your client communications improve immediately with Tellia’s project management tools for freelancers. Allow your clients the freedom to check progress, approve milestones and pay invoices 24/7, while you enjoy less stress, better efficiency and easier client billing.

  • Find all the features you need to be successful in one app
  • Coordinate deliverables, approvals and billing easily in one place
  • Spend less time answering questions and managing your workflow
  • Provide more attentive customer service with less hassle
  • Impress clients with Tellia's professional client-side interface
  • Build trust by offering your clients more transparency on work
  • Invoice all your clients quickly and easily from within the app
  • Experience more predictable cashflow with per-task billing options
  • Enjoy all features of Tellia completely free during BETA

What Kinds of Freelancers
Benefit from Tellia

★ Software Development
★ Web Development
★ Mobile Development
★ IT
★ Creative
★ Marketing
★ Sales
★ Admin Support

★ Networking
★ Writing
★ Translation
★ Design
★ Customer Service
★ Data Entry
★ Accounting
★ Consulting

Case Study: How Our
Freelance Users Use Tellia

A busy graphic designer wanted a tool that would cut down on the time spent sending progress updates and coordinating client revisions and billing.

Without the right tools, client communication through email and phone calls was reducing productivity and leaving clients in the dark.

But things improved overnight with Tellia’s project management tools for freelancers.

Now work runs smoother than ever and clients are happier knowing they can check their project status and manage revisions and invoices 24/7.


Why Wait? Get Started with Tellia,
a client portal that meets your needs

Tellia makes communicating with clients effortless, leads to better efficiency and better customer relationships, which leads to better client retention and new business opportunities. Users say Tellia is useful, uncluttered and indispensable once you give it a try.

Plus, Tellia is completely free during BETA.