Why Tellia Is
Made for Entrepreneurs

Improve transparency and communication with Tellia’s project management tools for entrepreneurs. Build trust with clients and customers and explore new business opportunities. Tellia helps entrepreneurs communicate with customers more efficiently about their products and services, including time-based services, fixed services and services with deliverables.

  • Enjoy a project management tool that scales with your business
  • Create new projects or new tasks within projects for each service item
  • Skip the hassle of other tools that require setting up activity boards or templates
  • Learn and start using Tellia in minutes with no need to learn any coding
  • Experience better tracking of task statuses including percent complete
  • Help clients visualize project progress with an intuitive client dashboard
  • Track and monitor key metrics including client engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Use Tellia's transparency and efficiency to increase rebooking and client retention
  • Compliment your other software tools with Tellia or use as a standalone app

What Kinds of Entrepreneurs
Benefit from Tellia

★ Small businesses
★ Family businesses
★ Startups
★ Consultants
★ Ecommerce shops
★ Retailers
★ Wholesalers
★ Service providers
★ Manufacturers

★ Social entrepreneurs
★ Farms and Agriculture
★ Grocers
★ Cosmetologists
★ Travel agents
★ Contractors
★ Inspectors
★ Plumbers
★ Electricians

Case Study: How Our
Entrepreneur Users Use Tellia

An ecommerce shop that offers made-to-order clothing needed a way to communicate order updates to customers.

With some custom orders taking days to weeks to process, sew, pack and ship, it could be a hassle answering emails about progress and keeping impatient customers happy.

After switching to Tellia, the shop simply updates project and task statuses in the app and customers can view progress 24/7 through Tellia’s business customer portal.

The improved transparency results in happier customers who place larger orders.

Why Wait? Get Started with Tellia,
a client portal that meets your needs

Tellia makes communicating with clients effortless, leads to better efficiency and better customer relationships, which leads to better client retention and new business opportunities. Users say Tellia is useful, uncluttered and indispensable once you give it a try.

Plus, Tellia is completely free during BETA.