Why Tellia Is
Made for Agencies

Communicate better with Tellia’s project management tool for creative agencies. Get access to better workflow management, client communication and client portal functionalities. Tellia meets your needs with a clean, uncluttered design and functionality unlike any other.

  • Share progress with clients with an easy-to-use client-side portal
  • See progress status for each task including percent complete
  • Track time estimates and budget costs for each project task
  • See metrics for every task and subtask, not just the whole project
  • Exchange documents and deliverables securely with clients
  • Send clients email messages from within the app
  • Get access to per-task invoicing and client feedback collection
  • Integrate Tellia easily your existing client communication process
  • Use only the features you need and hide the rest client-side

What Kinds of Agencies
Benefit from Tellia

★ Creative agencies
★ Digital agencies
★ PR agencies

★ Full service agencies
★ Boutique agencies
★ Creative studios

Case Study: How Our
Agency Users Use Tellia

A digital web agency needed a suite of agency project management tools to keep its clients informed about project progress, including the status of tasks within each project.

Communication used to be a chore, with calls and emails sent back and forth to check on work status, receive approvals for milestone tasks and handle billing.

Now that it has Tellia, the agency can focus on business while Tellia takes care of the rest.

Communication is more efficient, client approvals are faster and invoicing is a snap.


Why Wait? Get Started with Tellia,
a client portal that meets your needs

Tellia makes communicating with clients effortless, leads to better efficiency and better customer relationships, which leads to better client retention and new business opportunities. Users say Tellia is useful, uncluttered and indispensable once you give it a try.

Plus, Tellia is completely free during BETA.