What Is Tellia?

Tellia is a client relationship management software tool and business customer portal that lets your clients see your project status updates without having to ask. Whether you’re an agency, freelancer or entrepreneur, offer greater transparency and communicate less often with better results using Tellia.

Simple and Fast Setup

Get started with Tellia in just a few clicks. Create Customer Cards, Project Cards and Task Lists to manage all your clients, projects and milestones with quick access all in one place.

Efficient Project Management

See all your project data visualized at a glance with each Project Dashboard, including project and task statuses, time and budget estimates, client click metrics, and milestone approvals.

Real-Time Status Updates

Use Tellia to generate a single-page Client Dashboard for each of your projects and share it with your client to deliver always up-to-date progress on hours, completion status and more.


Who Is Tellia crafted for?

Tellia is perfect for agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs or anyone providing a service to clients or customers where communication about status updates, timelines, budgets, feedback or deliverables is needed.

Tellia works great as a standalone tool or easily integrates within your existing client communication channels. Tweak Tellia to suit your needs, including options for time-based services. Every field is optional, so display only what you need and create everything you can imagine.

To suit your business needs

★ Client portal
★ Customer service portal
★ Project management software
★ File sharing
★ Invoicing (coming soon!)
★ Customer retention

From the Tellia community

★ Project work
★ Project management
★ Business management
★ Team work
★ Group collaboration
★ Customer relationship management


How Does Tellia benefit your business?

Tellia is a new one-of-a-kind tool that helps you and your clients manage project work and communicate faster and more effectively. Clients don’t have to wait around for your updates, and you don’t have take precious time away from project work to follow up on customer requests or approvals. By using Tellia’s customer relationship software, you’ll be able to…

Best Rated Support

A question ? From pre-sale to help you setup your project, our support team is here for you !

  • Consolidate all your client projects in one place
  • Track progress and project status quickly and easily
  • Streamline the communication process with clients
  • Offer clients added transparency of your process
  • Enjoy smoother running projects and workdays
  • Increase client and customer satisfaction and approval
  • Improve customer retention and rebook more clients

Why Wait? Get Started with Tellia,
a client portal that meets your needs

Tellia makes communicating with clients effortless, leads to better efficiency and better customer relationships, which leads to better client retention and new business opportunities. Users say Tellia is useful, uncluttered and indispensable once you give it a try.

Plus, Tellia is completely free during BETA.