Practical client portal features

Enjoy project management and client portal features that make project work fun and efficient.


Make communication a breeze with handy client relationship management tools, and let your clients enjoy better transparency and higher satisfaction with a user-oriented client interface.


Take Control of Project Management

Make work a breeze with one of the best tools for successful project management.

Use Tellia to create simple task and subtask lists for each of your projects. Determine every field — client, project, task title, estimated/actual hours, progress/status — and hide the fields that aren't required. Exchange documents and deliverables with clients and ask for milestone approvals and payment all within one clean, uncluttered interface.

See the Big Picture for All Your Work

View a snapshot of ongoing and completed projects without having to run reports.

Get access to key metrics with Tellia's client relationship management tools. See the number of total projects and completed projects for each client. Track your client's milestone approvals and document attachment clicks. Compare estimated vs. actual hours and total tasks remaining vs. completed milestones to know exactly where you stand with all your ongoing work.


Share Progress while Saving Time

Allow clients to view project progress 24/7 and approve each task milestone on the go.

Communicate less often with better results using Tellia. Discover client portal features that are flexible, always available and focused on your client or customer portal functionality needs. Generate a single-page Client Dashboard for each of your projects and share it with your client to deliver always up-to-date progress on hours, task completion status and more.


Improve Your Customer Relationships

Make communication between you and your clients healthier and more transparent.

Experience smoother running projects and workdays with customer relationship management tools that foster transparency for agencies and freelancers, as well as clients and customers. Update clients in real time, without having to pick up the phone or type up an email. Let clients check their project status 24/7, see what you need from them and easily respond.


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Invoice Easily for Individual Tasks (coming soon)

Build client trust and transparency with detailed and efficient per-task billing options.

Use Tellia’s customer relationship tool to manage your communication, file sharing and payment needs, all through one simple customer portal interface.

Allow clients the freedom to pay per completed task and enjoy more predictable billing as an agency or freelancer with the option to get paid for work as each task or milestone is completed and approved.

For Freelancers

For Agencies

For Entrepreneurs

Events organizations

Collaborate with Teams and Coworkers (coming soon)

Take advantage of Tellia’s team collaboration tools for successful project management.

Collaborate easily with all your teammates, whether you are located across the room or across an ocean. Manage work, track tasks, share files and monitor project status within your office, at your agency, or with outside contractors.

Enjoy team collaboration functionality that benefits project management, group collaboration and business management.

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