Juggling Your Projects with Clarity and Ease: The Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers

70% of freelancers work on two to four projects at a time. With this much work, how does a freelancer keep track of deadlines for multiple clients? Even the most organized individual can forget a detail.

The solution to accountability and structuring a freelancer’s day: project management tools for freelancers. Learn what defines project management needs for any freelancer with this guide (and where to find the best one around).

Task Consolidation

Have you ever dreamt of spending less time organizing workflow? The right task consolidation is a hallmark for project management tools for freelancers. With Tellia’s features, you can find all the features you need in one app.

Project management tools for entrepreneurs like you rely on streamlined resources. This saves on cost and switching between various compatibilities and integrations. The right client portal allows you to coordinate deliverables, approvals, and billing all in one place.

We’re not joking. Tellia really does all of this (and more). It’s one of the best project management tools for freelancers because of how it consolidates tasks.

You can easily track progress and project status. With a consolidated dashboard, you’ll see status reports for projects and tasks.

You can compare estimates for time and budgets (both complete and in progress). You’ll receive metrics on client click habits and milestone approvals. As a result, your workdays and projects will be smoother than ever.

CRM Tools

Another standout feature of Tellia as an ideal project management tool for freelancers is its customer relationship management. The CRM features of our client portal streamline the communication process with clients. You can also offer clients added transparency to your process.

Not only does this comfort anxious clients, but lends you professional credibility. What client (current or future) won’t trust and honest freelancer? This results in higher client retention.

Improved retention means stronger relationships and rebooking clients. Working with clients you know is one of the best parts of freelancing. This increases your job satisfaction, as well as customer satisfaction and approval.

Unlike other project management software like Trello, Tellia offers CRM tools. The client portal includes:

  • Customer Cards: unique profiles for notes and important information
  • Project Cards: track projects overall to see the completion
  • Task Lists: manage milestones attached to project cards

The client portal allows for quick, consolidated access. Unlike other CRM tools with project management tools, Tellia also integrates a client dashboard. This dashboard organizes each of your projects and shares it with your client.

A customer service portal that always delivers up-to-date progress on hours, completion status, and more comforts clients. You can build trust with clients and impress them with the client-side interface.

Too often, freelancers lose clients who feel out of the loop on project completion. Instead, spend less time answering questions and managing your workflow. Provide more attentive customer service with less hassle using Tellia’s client interface.

Per-Task Billing *

Invoicing is one of the most daunting and frustrating things for freelancers. Sifting through the right billing platform takes time, often resulting in pricey subscriptions. Tellia has a solution to make sure freelancers like you are paid on time.

Believe it or not, you can experience predictable cash flow as a freelancer. With Tellia’s per-task billing option, you don’t have to wait weeks after the project initiation. You can invoice all clients quickly and easily from within the app.

No more paying third-party fees or getting paid late! Making your cash flow predictable is one of the most important features of project management tools for freelancers.

Time tracking is often a challenge for freelancers. Per-task billing can help fix this dilemma. The comparison tools for estimated versus actual hours and total tasks remaining versus completed milestones help, too.

These comparisons can help you communicate timelines to clients better. It can also make sure you don’t overcharge (or, far more likely) underestimate your time and work value.

Team Collaboration *

Some freelancers work on teams or group projects. Whether you’re a freelance consultant for a company or occasionally collaborate, you need reliable tools. Tellia’s offers quality digital agency project management tools.

Instead of jumping between different project platforms, you can collaborate all in one place. This app’s file-sharing feature allows for streamlined collaboration—no more hunting through Dropbox or Google Drive or tons of email for the right files.

With file sharing, project, and client cards, your team can see the big picture. The customer card gives a consistent information source for any group effort—track other team members’ progress with milestone approval and progress sharing.

You can even compare estimated versus actual hours and total tasks remaining versus completed milestones. This can give you a clearer picture of project timelines. It can support communication and accountability for yourself and any work you need from partners.

Now you can figure out how much time you need to turnaround your portion of a group project. This expedites processes that normally get held up in independent workflows.

Explore the Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers

Tellia meets the needs of any freelancer. No matter your industry, you can benefit from this platform. With your responsibilities, most project management platforms don’t meet your needs.

Our client portal supports project work and management solutions. Collaboration is easier than ever with file sharing. With CRM tools, you’ll retain more clients, too.

Tells fixes this problem with our custom solutions. These solutions include many of the necessities for freelance projects (and more). In BETA until next month, you can try Tellia for free now.


  • Per task billing and Team Collaboration is on our roadmap. You can check Tellia’s roadmap by clicking the blue “chat” icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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