Building Trust and Growing Client Relationships: A Guide to the Best Customer Relationship Management Software

A properly implemented customer relationship management software (CRM) can yield a return on investment of $2.50 to $5.60 for every dollar invested.

And yet, 40 percent of sales teams still use spreadsheets and email programs to store customer data.

Customer relationship management has always been an integral part of business. It is deeply ingrained in those industries in which timelines, budgets, and deliverables are at the heart. Yet somehow, many businesses in these fields are slow to implement updates in technology that can help automate this process.

Under this archaic system, it is so easy for customer data and requests to get lost in the shuffle. Disorganization and lack of communication run rampant. This lack of cohesiveness can be quite unattractive to clients.

Your CRM system can make or break the customer experience. With its simple, streamlined platform to provide project management at its finest, Tellia can save the day.

Want to learn more about how you can upgrade your customer relationship software, and how this will benefit your business? Keep reading!


Why is Customer Relationship Software Important to My Business?

Pretty much any company can benefit from implementing Tellia’s customer relationship management software.

This includes any business that provides a service to customers, where communication of status updates, timelines, budgets, feedback, or deliverables is essential. This might include agencies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, though it can prove beneficial to nearly any industry.

Especially given COVID concerns, now more than ever it is essential to leverage your CRM system to work for you. In both your own team and that of your clients, employees are likely working scattered across various locations. It takes that extra step of communication to ensure everyone is on the same page with projects.

Here’s where Tellia can help.

With Tellia, you can keep your clients happy. They don’t even have to ask–they can just check in on your projects any time they want. This creates greater transparency and ensures constant communication throughout the project.

Plus, this helps your team; you don’t have to take valuable time away from project work to follow up on their requests for updates.

Using the application cannot be simpler. Tellia prides itself on simple, clean, and uncluttered software. The program can work on its own, or integrate seamlessly with your existing client communication channels.

The setup is quick and easy. But, anytime you need help, the Tellia team is right there.


What Are the Components of the Best Customer Relationship Management Software?

One of the biggest keys to the success of this CRM system is simplicity. Tellia is streamlined and blissfully simple. Every field is optional, allowing you to decide how much or how little detail you need for each component of each project.

Consolidating projects into one portal makes the whole process run smoother. Projects are more likely to be completed on time, on budget, and to the satisfaction of the client.

By automating the communication process, Tellia allows your team–and your client–to focus on what really matters.

Project Management

With Tellia, project management is easier than ever before. Everything is in one place, and there is a dashboard for each project. This includes clients with multiple projects running at once.

Dashboards include:

  • Project and task statuses
  • Time and budget estimates
  • Click client metrics
  • Milestone approvals

With this CRM software, you can create task lists and add subtasks to these, as well. It can be as simple or as detailed as you want; this serves well, as tasks (and projects) vary in size and scope.

Simply leave any fields blank that you don’t wish to use. There is no need for extra clutter, although the option to add detail is there if you need it.

Furthermore, with Tellia’s project management tools, everything is in one place. You can update it all at once, and customers see this reflected in real-time.

This system is significantly more efficient than the excel-and-email approach. It keeps everyone comfortably on the same page throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Client Communication

Tellia provides a single-page client dashboard for each project. Clients have up-to-date progress on hours, completion status, and other key metrics.

Plus, when customers open the portal on their end, they are immediately met with any actions you need them to respond to. They can quickly and easily send a message or materials back within the portal. This system provides one efficient platform for all project communication.

This portal serves as the central hub for both you and the client. You can provide key metrics right here, without the need to generate any reports. You can also share documents with clients, request payments and milestone approvals, etc.

Customer Service

When using Tellia, your clients gain access to the customer web portal. Communications are easily sorted by project–so even working with clients on more than one project, it’s easy to stay on task.

Everything is all in one place–rather than something said on the phone that nobody wrote down, or something lost in an email chain. Clients can access the portal anytime, and leave a message for you right then and there.


Try Tellia For Yourself

Tellia automates customer relationship software in a simple and intuitive way.

You can consolidate projects, track statuses, and streamline the communication process.

You will be more transparent with your clients and spend less time following up on update requests. In turn, you will have more time to get the projects done.

Sign up for Tellia today to see how you can improve your customer relationship management software!

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