The Best Agency Project Management Tools for a Clear and Streamlined Process

Are you looking for different marketing agency project management tools to help your business and all its employees meet demand? Do you want to focus on building key business relationships with your clients? If so, then you need to find the right tools for the job.

Investing your time and money into agency project management tools can pay off in a big way for your business. It will help your staff prioritize their daily productivity and focus on nurturing all your clients the right way.

See below for several of the best digital agency project management tools you should invest in for your business.

1. Tellia

Nothing is more important to the customer than the relationship they have with the agency they’ve hired. They’re entrusting you with their brand. They want you to grow as they grow.

That’s why it’s important to nurture all the clients you have. Instead of focusing on meeting demand, you want a project management tool that’s focused on building the relationship with your clients.

Tellia is a saving grace for many of the top agencies. It has an easy-to-use interface that requires little training for your staff to use efficiently.

You can use it to create cards for both your customers and projects, as well as a prioritized task list to ensure all projects are exceeding all of their desired goals. You can oversee all of this in one spot.

Tellia also has a useful dashboard feature that renders real-time updates on the progress of all your projects. You can use this to keep constant communication with your clients on where each project is and how close it is to being completed.

Be sure to invest in the Tellia communication tool for your team. It’s incredibly easy to use and will be a valuable asset to your team for years to come!

2. Slack

For your team to excel at project management, everyone needs to be on the same page at all times. There are many times where several members of your team are collaborating on the same project.

However, in the modern workplace, your employees could be working from anywhere. They might be in-office, working remotely, or in an entirely different company.

Slack allows you to bring your entire staff into the fold. If you’ve never previously heard of it, Slack is a communications app that allows you to build custom channels, groups, and even individual messages.

You can have a channel for the employees that are working on a specific account, one for your entire staff to stay up-to-date with company announcements, and so on. You can even include the clients on a separate channel with those who are working on their projects.

It’s a highly effective way to ensure everyone’s on the same page. If anyone has any questions, they can do so on the Slack app. If they need assistance or are requesting something with a quick turnaround, Slack messaging will address anyone who it concerns.

3. Zapier

With all of the different tools that your agency uses daily, it can be easy for someone to get confused. In fact, spending time looking for a specific application can waste a significant amount of time on a daily basis.

To avoid that confusion and streamline your workflow, you need to use Zapier, an application that can pair your favorite apps and business tools together.

It combines different tools and apps (of your choosing) and places them into “Zaps”. These “Zaps” are different automation that you can create across the different tools that you use.

For example, if you wanted to automatically save any email that you receive from Outlook and/or your Gmail account, you could create a “Zap” to do that.

4. Upwork

Imagine this scenario, one of your clients is requesting a video for their website, but your company doesn’t have a video content director on staff. How can you go about getting the talent that your client deserves?

It’s too expensive to hire an in-house video content director, but you don’t want to connect an entirely different business to this project. You’d rather hire an independent contractor (or freelancer) for the job. That’s where Upwork can be so beneficial.

Upwork is a way for you to connect with freelance workers for any of your needs. It could be copywriting, social media management, the aforementioned video production, and whatever else you can think of.

Having Upwork can help you create a plethora of different opportunities for your business and save you a ton of money in the process. Most importantly, your projects won’t experience any setback.

5. FreshDesk

Back in the old days, if your customer had a quick question for your agency, they would pick up the phone and ask the front desk for assistance.

These days, business tools such as FreshDesk have automized that process. It can combine all your various forms of communication (such as social media, email, phone, and web chat) to manage your customer’s requests and answer their questions.

Now, your employees can focus on the finer workings of each project rather than answering smaller questions that can be resolved by FreshDesk’s tools.

Use These Agency Project Management Tools to Your Benefit

Now that you have seen several amazing agency project management tools that can help your company thrive, it’s important to stock up on them all.

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For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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